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24 Hour Care

First Aid Trained Staff

Medical Help

At Country Cousins, we always make sure we have First Aid trained staff available to students. There is a minimum of three staff members with advanced first aid training.

Several of our staff members now have several years of experience in looking after students, whether they are unwell, have had an injury, or for any other reason.

Country Cousins has agreements with local medical centres, and a member of staff will always accompany a student, should they need to visit a doctor or dentist.

We do recommend students bring their insurance details with them at all times as these will need to be seen at medical appointments. If a student requires paid medical treatment it is important they have all insurance details to hand as Country Cousins are an intermediary and will not be able to cover the costs.

Currently (as of February 2017) foreign students under the age of 16 are not required to pay for UK medical prescriptions however it is the responsibility of the parent/agent to monitor legislation for changes.

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