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Meet the Team

Say hello to our main team …

Jose Brinkmann – Owner and Managing Director

Jose is the Managing Director of Country Cousins. Jose was a student at Country Cousins for many years, and he enjoyed his time at the school so much that he bought it!

Jose arranges the programmes for Country Cousins, and plans all the timetables. He’s the person who makes activities so fun!

Feel free to talk to him at any time; he is a really approachable person who will always do his best to resolve any situations that might arise. If he isn’t at his desk, he can usually be found around the school grounds making sure the students are happy.

Maribel Cabrera – School Director

Maribel is a co-director of the school. She is responsible for the day to day running of the school. She develops, implements, and oversees all of the policies, programmes, and procedures at Channel School. She is a friendly and happy member of the team who always makes everyone feel at home.

But Maribel is more than just the School Director, she is also a Designated Safeguarding Person, this means she is available to help all students with any concerns or problems they may have. Maribel is also a first aider.

Maribel can be found in the main office.

April Castle – Welfare and Accommodation Officer

April is the Welfare and Accommodation Officer at Country Cousins. Her job is to find the right homestay for our students.

April will be managing  students’ welfare while they are with us. She brings very valuable experience working with children and her friendly and energetic personality fits perfectly with the rest of the team.

Jacquie Almond – Director of Studies

Jac is our lovely Director of Studies at Country Cousins. She is responsible for the academic management of the school. She oversees the curriculum and course content and she also assesses the performance and progress of each student throughout his/her stay.

Jac has a diverse background having managed many schools and colleges in the UK.

Anna Bogacz- Office Manager

Anna is the Office Manager at Country Cousins. She manages the office and all the school administration. Anna is also the school Registrar; she is the first point of contact for any questions about bookings. She makes sure all the students’ information is kept correct and up to date.

Anna is very friendly, active and knowledgeable of the local area. Students will see her around in the mornings making sure everyone is going where they are supposed to go.

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