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First Day

Students are divided into three sets according to age and choice of activity programme

Set A – 15-17 year olds

Set B – 13-14 year olds

Set C – 7-13 year olds

Arrival at School

On arrival at the school, students should check their programmes to see whether they are doing lessons or activities in the morning. If they are doing an activity there are signs around the school for every programme about where to wait, if they have lessons they should proceed to the notice board at the back of the building to see which classroom they are in.

  • Several members of staff will be onsite helping students find their classroom and activities.
  • If a student is unsure of where to go they should ask a staff member with a lanyard or wait at the reception at the front of the building

First Lesson of Day 1

In their first lesson of the day students are given an initial language assessment test, followed by an essential orientation/induction of school and surroundings.

They are then allocated to an English class which is best suited to their linguistic ability and level of English (CEFR levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, or C2).

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