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Misson Statement

To our students | To our international partners | To our team

To promote international awareness providing a healthy and safe learning environment for English Language study.

To introduce the English lifestyle to students of different countries and cultures.

To encourage new friendships and build self-confidence in speaking English to become a successful communicator.

To our Students …

  • We aim to maintain traditional family values and welcome them into our community.
  • We will listen to their needs and strive for excellence with no boundaries of disability or belief.
  • We will demonstrate respect both in and out of the classroom.

To our International Partners …

  • To provide a personal and professional service.
  • To create new ventures and maintain high standards in Student learning.
  • To be competitive and ensure good quality and price.

To our Team …

  • To respect and acknowledge the importance of each staff member.
  • To provide a safe environment to work in.
  • To actively support professional development.
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