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“Why attend a summer school?”

This is the sentiment some potential students express when their well-intentioned parents first cautiously broach the subject of an English language course abroad.

After all, during the summer you can play football, compete online, hang out at the mall or in a cafe with your friends – drinking a cool lemonade or coke – or engage in any number of such activities in your own hometown. Grateful former students have now, however, revealed a myriad of reasons for embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Mixing with your established friends is great they say, but connecting with people from across the world, whilst forming friendships that last for years, can be just as, if not more rewarding.

Travelling independently for the very first time – alone or in a group – can in itself represent a life-changing undertaking, i.e. visiting other countries and engaging with members of other cultures helps build young people’s characters and this opens up new horizons.

Previous participants from the Czech Republic, Finland, Austria and Israel talk of the impact on their lives: the international networking, the bonds that a mutual experience creates, the increased career chances and much much more, all this in a safe and welcoming environment. Soon to join us in a fun-filled summer experience will be groups from, amongst others, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Sweden, China and a new group all the way from Poland.

So, international networking, boundless adventure and improved employment prospects – what are you potential students waiting for? Just come on down!

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