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Innovation at the forefront is not quite what you might expect from an English language school at the geographical periphery, albeit in a stunningly beautiful and above all s, eye-catching landscapes and challenging extracurricular activities. Yet that is precisely what impressed at a session given by Country Cousin’s market-leading innovator, Alicja Szyszkowiak, at the recent ENGLISHUK Academic Conference.

Alicja, Director of Studies of Channel School, waxed lyrical on the superficially somewhat technical subject of “Systems and Procedures for a Stress-free Summer” The talk focussed on the use of IT to facilitate the work of management and teaching professionals in the demanding environment of a UK summer school.

Given the quality of presentations, it is not as if Alicja did not have a lot to compete with. Vying for attention at the event was a plethora of English language experts, such as the illustrious Silvana Richardson, and even that embodiment of inspiration from the Quiz Programme “Countdown”, TV host Susie Dent. So impressed were the seminar’s attendees that a number of English language department heads immediately approached Alicja and thanked her for the fascinating insight, some even demanding that she visit their schools to give a repeat presentation and advice on how to proceed.

All in all the conference was another success for Country Cousins Ltd with Channel School once again showing the way forward in syllabuses, award-winning community relations, professionalism in its academic approach and now IT systems and procedures: What’s not to like?

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