10 last minute Christmas gifts for teenagers

Dear Parents,

Teenagers are the hardest group of people to buy Christmas presents for.

More often than not, you will get a quiet nod for that very special gift you thought your child would treasure forever. Things become even more complicated when you have run out of time and your favourite online store will not manage to deliver the latest gadgets on time.

Luckily, one of our workshops in summer is “Christmas in July” and this year we asked our students to conduct a survey on the best non-materialistic present for a teenager. You may consider this as a universal rank list as we had students from all over the world coming up with the gift ideas. Feel free to draw inspiration and put a big smile on faces of your darlings on Christmas Day.

Here is the list of the top ten ideas:

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We pride ourselves in putting a smile on a face of the most discerning teenage student

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