The return of the students!


Here at Country Cousins the only thing we like better than welcoming new students is welcoming back those who we now call our friends. So last week was extra special when we bumped into not just one but, two of them!

Last week Maribel was watching a show at the Queens Theatre in Barnstaple when her day got even better when she bumped into Justin Peng, a former student at Country Cousins.  Justin has been with us for the past 3 summers, including an 8 week stay last year. This time he was back in the UK with his family to visit his brother, a former Country Cousins student, who is currently attending the 6th Form at the West Buckland school.

As part of their visit to the UK Justin and his family had also planned in a reunion with the family who had hosted him in Ilfracombe for the past 3 years. This is testimony to the relationships that are forged between our students and their host families in that the Peng family found time to do this prior to their return to Taiwan.

See if you can spot Justin in our promotional video!

Country Cousins English Language Educational Holidays returning student Justin Peng with Maribel Cabrera

A few days after meeting Justin, it happened again!

This time a chance encounter saw Jose & Maribel meet up with Matej Kravka another Country Cousins student. Matej was in the UK on holiday and this time the link between host family and the students family was even more evident as the whole Kravka family were staying with their UK host family!

Matej is returning to us from the Czech Republic for a further 6 week stay this summer and whilst we are looking forward to welcoming him back  Ilfracombe Tennis Club are as equally pleased to have Matej, who is an excellent tennis player, back on their courts.

If you would like information on how you can become a host family for a Country Cousins student like Justin or Matej then give us a call on 01271 862834 or e-mail us at


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